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A Matching Game of Shapes and Patterns

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Test your cognitive reflexes in this game of object and pattern recognition.
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Found It! A Matching Game of Shapes and Patterns
Test your cognitive reflexes in this game of object and pattern recognition.


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A collection of cards is displayed on the screen. One by one, a target card is displayed and you must find its match within the collection. Click on the matching cards to clear the board and win. There are three levels of difficulty incorporating random rotation and disappearing targets. Track high scores per game per level, and earn Badges of Achievement for outstanding gameplay. While only 20 cards within a collection are displayed during gameplay, each collection contains 30 – 40 cards guaranteeing varied gameplay and a different challenge each and every time you play. Additionally, unlike traditional games, the clock counts up to record your time but does not kick you out after a pre-determined amount of time. The stress of racing against the clock is completely removed… unless you are challenging yourself to earn achievements. Furthermore, while mistakes negatively affect your score and available bonuses, the game does not end with the “three strikes you’re out” rule.

Play this game to keep your mind sharp, relax your nerves, clear your mind, or simply help regain your focus. Let your kids play this game with the comfort of knowing that they will be increasing their brain cells during gameplay.

This game was originally created as a set of wooden blocks to play with my three toddler children. It was recently converted for play on mobile devices, as my children are a few years older, no longer “play with blocks”, and are constantly asking to play games on my phone. This game was built to specifically provide simple gameplay with age appropriate content for children under 10 with educational value that challenges both their visual and mental abilities. While this game was built with young children in mind, with the selection of patterns and the varying levels of difficulty, it will surely challenge even the brightest in your family no matter age or ability.

Please note that this game was intentionally designed to be “ad-free” and will not include annoying pop-up advertisements or in-game purchases. It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about while your device is in the hands of your children.

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