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Gooey Splat - Hearts
Gooey Splat introduces a new twist on the traditional bubble blaster/block buster game.



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In Gooey Splat - Hearts, your task is to clear hearts from the screen by emptying them or filling them with liquid life. You can choose between adding liquid, removing liquid, or relocating a heart for strategic placement. Play carefully as you only have a certain number of moves per level. When a heart explodes and is removed from the screen, it sends out a pulse that either adds or takes away liquid from its neighbors. The more hearts eliminated within a single move will award both extra points and extra moves. Clearing the screen and advancing to the next level will also award you additional moves.

This game is appropriate for all age groups. Please note that this game was intentionally designed to be “ad-free” and will not include annoying pop-up advertisements or in-game purchases. It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about while your device is in the hands of your children.


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